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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Timeline and Important Dates

CONTEST KICKOFF: Thursday, 2/16/06
o All participants need to be at Happy Hour clean shaven.
o Please check-in with Stache Officials to confirm your shave and have your picture taken B.S. (before stache).

GROW TIME: Friday, 2/16/06 – Thursday, 3/16/06, 5pm
o Beards are acceptable but just letting the stache flow is strongly encouraged
o If absolutely necessary, you can wait until post-Spring Break to begin growth. Do realize this will be frowned upon by true stachers and the judges may deduct points.

MOUSTACHE NOW!:Thursday, 3/16/06
o Time to let the Reynolds rip!!! ALL participants must show up at Happy Hour with stache only
o Again, check-in with Stache Officials to confirm your sweet new look

THE GREAT ROSS ‘STACHE WEEK: Thursday, 3/16/06 - Thursday, 3/23/06
o All participants will proudly don their new caterpillars

o 6pm, Skeepers: Be there for the Award Ceremony and to flaunt the brooms for one last night on the town
o 9pm-?, Location TBD: Get your robe, grab a cigar, and head on over to the GRAND FINALE ROBE PARTY


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