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Monday, March 27, 2006

Own a piece of Rosstache history

Contestants, bidders, civilians - here's your chance to own and wear a piece of Rosstache history. Presenting, the Rosstache t-shirt. Please click here to order by noon on Wednesday 3/29/2006! Many thanks to Evan Steinberg (BBA2) for designing the t-shirt. You can see more of his work here.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mustache piece on the Today show

Looks like the rest of the world is finally catching on to the mustache trend. Matt Fischer and Mark Ascione both sent me this link to a piece on the re-emergence of mustaches in the Today show. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hill House Party Evidence

Pictures from the Hill House party are up here.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Winners

It goes without saying that all contestants are winners tonight for raising $3000 towards Project Night Night. Thanks to all the bidders and to our esteemed judges - Mrs. Kathleen Dolan, Prof. Shirli Kopelman, and Prof. Kathleen Sutcliffe for a fantastic awards show at Dominic's. Here are the winners:

Bidder's Awards

Best Pre-Pubescent: Matt McRitchie ($365)
Best Far East: Chris Huang ($169)
Best Caveman: Vamsi Botla ($115.50)
Shave It: Jake Braly ($88)
Best Average Joe: Jason Lettmann ($60)
Best Straggler: Ted Aronson ($60)
Keep It: Kris Jadd ($30)

Judge's Awards:

Best Cop: Dave Samms
Best 70's Porn Star: Rishi Bhalerao
Best Trucker: Omar Medeiros and Aram Mazmanian
Best Blonde: Matt Gershuny
Most likely to scare small children: Jeff Martin
Best 9 Whiskers: Se Ho Kim
Best Overall: Harsh Singh

Now you tell us beards are in?

The New York Times thinks beards are in. We think they're only half right; it's mustaches that are in - till tomorrow night anyway. Sanjiv Gupta even found a store in India named after lip brooms!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Latest bidding standings

Attached are the bidding rankings as of 11:58PM on 3/22/2006. Please donate here to place a bid and make an impact on the standings. Remember all bids totaling $10 and more will receive free admission to the Burt Reynolds Stache Off party on Friday 3/24/2006. Also, here's a cool 80's costume guide if you're looking for sartorial ideas for the party.

Best Average Joe:

1. Raul Oliva ($38)
2. Ken Larose ($36)
3. Jason Lettmann ($25)
4. Dave Samms ($23)
5. Rishi Bhalerao ($20)

Best Caveman:

1. Vamsi Botla ($90.50)
2. Aram Mazmanian ($46)
3. Aashish Dhamdhere ($43.50)
4. Nathan Arbitman ($41)
5. Amir Aslani ($26.50)

Best Pre-Pubescent:

1. Billy Robins ($226)
2. Bob Bryan ($165)
3. Matt McRitchie ($110)
4. Dan Stolarski ($42)
5. Jeff Martin ($23)

Best Straggler:

1. Ted Aronson ($60)
2. Nikhil Mathew ($25)
3. Dave Policar ($16)
4. Mike Gafney ($10)
5. Mayur Valanju ($10)

Best Far East:

1. Chris Huang ($165)
2. Jee Wook Han ($61.50)
3. Tom Young ($16)
4. Dave Cho ($1)

Keep-it-for-an-extra-week Award:

1. Kris Jadd ($10)
2. Chris Huang ($10)

3. Nathan Arbitman ($10)
4. Vamsi Botla ($5)
5. Kobi Zbinden ($5)

Shave it:

1. Jake Braly ($88)
2. Billy Robins ($5)

The 10 year mustache commitment

Mayur Vallanju's apartment got broken into over the weekend and one of the precious objects taken was his Passport. In a sign of strong commitment to the Rosstache cause, Mayur shot his passport photos with mustache intact. So for the next ten years whenever Mayur opens his passport, he is sure to be reminded of this competition and his lip broom extraordinaire. Bravo!

A request from Paul Berens for re-classification

Read and enjoy!

Esteemed B. Reynolds Board,

I cannot misrepresent any longer. I am fairly certain I’ve been miscategorized as an “Average Joe.” Time has brought about the truth: that my Northern German follicles belie this categorization and bellow out: “We have not gone through puberty, Sirs!...Well, we have, but maybe not such a good show of one!...Maybe there should have been more Monster Truck rallies attended during that period in order to toughen up…or possibly some prison time.” At any rate, it is for justice and public equity that I make this supplication.

I submit to the discretion of the Board.


P. M. Berens

Monday, March 13, 2006

G Gordon Liddy and Raul Oliva: Separated at birth?

Brian Fantana (from The Anchorman) and Ted Aronson: Separated at birth?

Dave Wannstedt and Marc Conkle: Separated at birth?

Matt Gershuny and Dread Pirate Roberts: Separated at birth?

H.I. McDunnough (from Raising Arizona) and Jeff Hadden: Separated at birth?

Borat Sagdiyev and Julius Peter: Separated at birth?

Adam Morrison (from Gonzaga) and Jeff Martin: Separated at birth (again)?

Inspector Clouseau and Ken Larose: Separated at birth?

John Holmes and Bob Bryan: Separated at birth?

Higgins (from Magnum PI) and Ted Omlid: Separated at birth?

David Brent (from the UK version of The Office) and Joe Pinsky: Separated at birth?

Pablo Escobar and Arturo Meza: Separated at birth?

Tobias Funke (from Arrested Development) and Nathan Arbitman: Separated at birth?

Wolverine and Bodhi: Separated at birth?

Frida Kahlo and Cris Turney: Separated at birth?

Paypal link for contestants and bidders

Attention all Ross 'Stache-Off Contestants! You must pay an entry fee of $25 for a lifetime membership to the Ross Burt Reynold's Club, and to be eligible for all 'stache awards. Please pay the entry fee by clicking on the link below. (Note - The Weekend Warriors Club will collect and disburse all enrollment fees to Night Night). Make your payment on Paypal here.

Bidders, please click here to place a bid. Remember all bids totaling $10 and more will receive free admission to the Burt Reynolds Stache Off party on 3/24/06.

We would also like to thank Dave Beine for setting a high bar and kicking off the donation drive with his contribution of $50.

Super Mario and Joe Mancini: Separated at birth?

Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Roman R: Separated at birth?

Lando (from Star Wars) and Nikhil Mathew: Separated at birth?

Saddam Hussein and Eduardo: Separated at birth?

Earl and Omar Medeiros: Separated at birth?

Ron Jeremy and Dave Wurster: Separated at birth?

Prof. Kale and Swapnil Deshpande: Separated at birth?

Jake the Snake and Aram: Separated at birth?